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About Us


The Birth of Stoney Creek Canopy Adventures

In the summer of 2013, Stoney Creek LLC owner Mark Wildermuth purchased a large tract of land about five miles north of Seward, Alaska. The vision? Developing a canopy tour of the forest, offering unparalleled views of the Alaska landscape and surrounding mountains.

We invite you to join us in a great Alaska eco-adventure like no other. This unique outdoor experience involves being securely clipped into gear and traversing from one treetop platform to another through the beautiful Pacific Temperate Rainforest, building on anticipation and suspense, surprise and discovery. The tour will be exciting, as well as informative about the surrounding area.

As an aerial adventure neighboring the Chugach National Forest, our roots are in the trees. So we have committed ourselves to being sustainable and eco-friendly to honor our Earth. From the design and construction of our course we have kept the preservation and conservation of the spruce giants on our course alive and well. We built our course around nature and we are proud to say that no trees were cut down in the construction of our course. Many people do not understand the importance of sustaining our land for future generations so we have taken it upon ourselves to educate our guides to be environmentally aware especially on the wildlife and flora on our 80 acres. Our guides take their time to inform our guests on the irreplaceable nature of the environment educating them on the immediate flora and fauna on each eco-platform.

Mark Wildermuth


Mark and his wife Laura are also the owners of Denali Zipline Tours in Talkeetna Alaska. They live in a log home built in 1989 by Mark, who has been enjoying the Alaska outdoors for more than 30 years. Mark spent some of that time as a wilderness guide including rafting, fishing and dog mushing. Mark culminated his dog mushing career by competing in the Iditarod Sled Dog Race in 1995, finishing 22nd as a rookie.

Laura moved to Talkeetna in 1997 with a B.A. in Hotel/Restaurant Management. She has a strong background in customer service through years of working in the tourist industry in Talkeetna, including running her own business. She is currently involved in and dedicated to various community efforts and volunteers her time with non-profit organizations.

Stoney Creek Canopy Adventures’ goals are to provide a permanent and positive recreation facility for the community, and we employ as many local residents as possible.